Texas and the Transgender Community: New Documentary


Texas is a state of many things; some good and some bad. It is the home of roughly 29 million people, with roughly over 120,000 of those residents identifying as transgender. A minority they may be, they are still people, & citizens of a nation where the rights & liberties are supposed to be for all. Yet, for years Texas lawmakers & citizens have turned their attention towards passing legislation that seeks to limit the rights, & care from the trans community. Add to the problem that haunting stats of violence & bigotry against transgender people & this creates a culture/ environment of hostility for this minority.

Documentary filmmaker McKinnon Mitchell has begun pre-production on "Texas Trans Mission," which seeks to document the experiences of real transgender Texas citizens, & the harm that has been done to the mental & emotional health of the community. Production is looking to begin soon, and assistance with this project is highly desired. 

Once completed, the documentary will enter into a series of film festivals, while also utilizing these events to network for an opportunity to place the film on a significant streaming platform for a wide audience.

How You Can Help

  • Some interviews have already been organized, but many more are needed. If you are someone who identifies as trans and you live within the state of Texas, we want to interview you. 
  • Secondly, those wanting to assist in the production of this documentary are highly sought after. Camera operators, audio technicians, music producers, & more are needed.
  • Thirdly, donations. While this documentary will go forward with whatever budget we have, the goal is to enhance the quality of the film. An increased budget will allow us to extend the timeframe in order to obtain interviews with higher profile individuals, secure lodging, & supporting transportation in order to film various interviews, & settings. 
  • Lastly, simply sharing the project across social media platforms is a significant means of assistance that is needed.